Alaya Naturals is happy to release its debut line of supplements and protein powders nationwide. This new line turned into constructed on the perception that meals can and should heal the physical and mental frame, and turned into evolved from the cleanest, purest substances.Naturals Alaya became evolved to help the ones trying to live a natural, easy lifestyle to acquire the intellectual readability, stamina, and stage of well-being they choose. Born with an autoimmune sickness that suppresses white blood cells, Founder Shauna Reiter spent years battling oppressive ailments and knew that her body needed healing. She spent years researching, testing, and ultimately perfecting her line of products, all of which might be Non-GMO and includes vegan USDA certified organic powders. “Developing Alaya Naturals has been my ardor for years, and now, searching back, each doctor go to, each test, added me so far. I experience extra found in every aspect of my lifestyles, and I want others to feel that too.” – Shauna Reiter, Founder of Alaya Naturals.

“I am constantly looking for matters that are pinnacle quality, and one of the matters I fell in love with proper of the bat turned into Alaya Naturals Green Superblend. I cherished the component mixture, the powder’s texture, and the taste when including my morning shakes. It receives me all my superfoods, antioxidants, and adaptogens in a single serving! Plus, it is licensed organic and ethically sourced. For these kinds of reasons, I flat out fell in love with the logo and reached out to Shauna to invest.” – Jillian Michaels, well-being coach, businesswoman, author, and television character.


Meaning “residing” or “home” in Sanskrit, Alaya changed into advanced to help those trying to live a natural, smooth lifestyle to acquire the intellectual clarity, stamina, and stage of wellbeing that they choose. Founded by Shauna Reiter in 2018, Alaya affords the very best well-known supplements and protein powders with the purest, cleanest components. You might think vitamin supplements are a bit off-topic what talking about heart health. But really, they’re not. Various vitamins have been studied in terms of their importance to heart health. Vitamin B6 has been associated with a reduction of heart attacks in women. Vitamin C has been known to help lower blood pressure. Vitamin D and vitamin E have also been mentioned when discussing heart health.

How to know which and how much vitamin supplements to take

We have the government’s RDA (Recommended Daily Allowance). And we have other recommendations from various experts. Some of the government’s RDA numbers are considered inaccurate by some experts. Most experts recommend that you try to get as much of your vitamin and mineral nutrients from food. And many recommend adding supplements to fill in the gaps where you may not get enough of these nutrients from food. I’ve always thought it makes sense to take vitamin supplements in case I don’t get what I need from the food I eat. As I continue to learn more about what our food contains, I’m increasingly convinced that we need supplements. I’m also more concerned and confused about the quality of supplements—more on that below.


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