Pornhub understands that being swole at the seashore isn’t an awesome component. In an advertising and marketing stunt that faucets into a genuine, very awkward summer trouble, the porn website online released a “Boneless Bathing Suit” that purportedly “camouflages” and “conceals” your raging tough-on. The fit has an integrated indoors lining that facilitates mask whatever’s happening down there so that you don’t have to dash from water to towel with your palms protecting your crotch.
But herein lies the rub: The bathing match…Says Pornhub on it. I do not know what is more embarrassing in the grand scheme of things: Having humans see the outline of your penis through your swim trunks or being the dude who walks around with the “Pornhub” emblem stitched to his pants. (Actually, scratch that. I DEFINITELY understand which one is worse.)

Pornhub Made a Bathing Suit That Hides Your Raging Beach Erection 1

Here’s what it looks as if on the outside:

“We worked hard at the development of this first of its type bathing healthy that should help ease comfort and growth amusement for the most masterful of bathers and watersports amateurs alike,” Corey Price, Pornhub’s VP, stated in a declaration. (Uh, which type of watersports are you speaking approximately, Corey?) Check out the distinctly long promo video above to peer the bathing match in action. According to the discharge, you can purchase them in shape at www.Bonerless.Com for $49.Sixty-nine the use of the promo code “BONER”—$20 in savings off the standard $69.Sixty-nine charges. Or, you can store your difficult-earned cash and tuck it into your soggy waistband like each person else.

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