Gemma Thomas, forty, died three days after she was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia (AML) in November 2017. The Gemma Thomas Fund has been installed with the blood cancer charity Bloodwise, of which Thomas is a president.
He stated: “I should carry some feel out of the wreckage of losing Gemma so early.” The former Blue Peter presenter from Norwich said it was difficult to make people aware of blood cancers because the signs could “be very varied, ubiquitous.” But the simple reality is we must,” he stated. “It’s the 1/3 biggest killer in the country; it’s robbed Ethan of his mum, it robbed Gemma of the relaxation of her lifestyles, it’s robbed my circle and me of relatives of her. “We can not take a seat around and do nothing.” Mrs. Thomas had flu-like signs. She visited her GP three times over six days, and whenever she was instructed to head home and relax before, she was ultimately recognized with AML.
The mom of 1 died on 24 November 2017.

Simon Thomas units up blood cancer fund in memory of wife Gemma 1

The Gemma Thomas Fund has been installed to spend money on research tasks that are aware of enhancing the know-how of AML and locating extra powerful remedies for the ailment. Bloodwise said the survival fees for the competitive kind of blood cancer were “shockingly low,” with just 15% of human beings surviving for five years or more. Thomas stated: “This fund is going to plow cash into more research so those stats, that 15% within the future years, will rise to 30, to forty, to 50 and beyond. “It’s not going to assist us, but if it facilitates others, it’s worth every second of my time.”In modern-day practice, leukemia can also refer to malignancy in the blood or any cellular element in the bone marrow, wherein the white blood cells multiply uncontrollably. This results in more white blood cells in the bloodstream. This type of blood cancer usually occurs in children between ages 3 to 7 years, while in adults, it occurs between ages 50 to 60 years old.

The specific cause of leukemia is unknown, but inheritance plays a big role in becoming susceptible to this condition. People with leukemia experience bone pain, easy bleeding, pale skin, fatigue, abdominal pain, easy bruising, and lymph gland swelling. Treatment of leukemia includes radiation therapy, chemotherapy, and bone marrow transplant. Since blood cancers involve the blood, it is more deadly and most dreaded. The infected blood can imminently spread to other body parts through the bloodstream. Leukemia starts in the bone marrow – the spongy, soft material inside the bones where blood cells are produced from stem cells. As mentioned above, leukemia mostly affects the white blood cells, which protect the body against infection. Cancer commences when abnormal white blood cells are created as a result of the development of stem cells into white blood cells going uncontrollably wrong. With blood cancers, the odd white cells take over other blood cells, including the red blood cells (the ones that transport oxygen to the body tissues) and the platelets, which make blood clotting possible. Therefore, leukemia is the intervention of the blood’s ability to carry oxygen and clotting.

Without leukemia, the white blood cells can fight disease-producing germs or pathogens. However, it can weaken the patient’s immune system when it becomes dysfunctional. The body won’t be able to fight even the simplest of infections. Pathogens can start attacking various other bodily cells. Since blood cancers destroy the immune system’s normal function, some patients can experience frequent conditions ranging from infected tonsils, diarrhea, or sores in the mouth to opportunistic infections and life-threatening pneumonia. Studies are still ongoing to determine the exact causes of leukemia. Medical experts think that exposure to ionizing radiation and hazardous chemicals can trigger these blood cancers’ development. Irrespective of the age, the survival rate is meager. This enlists leukemia as one of the most fatal of all cancers.


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