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Chiropractor Dr. Scott Zack, the Michigan resident, commends the extension of his field’s expertise to those served by the Army and Air Force Exchange Service. Michigan-based Dr. Scott Zack has joined the American Chiropractic Association in applauding the Army and Air Force Exchange Service’s move to offer chiropractic aid for the first time. The service will reportedly commence the extension of chiropractic care to beneficiaries later this year. The Army and Air Force Exchange Service, it’s reported, will begin by offering chiropractic services at an initial six locations across the U.S. “It’s fantastic news for all involved,” says Dr. Scott Zack, a renowned chiropractor from the metropolitan Detroit area. The American Chiropractic Association first shared news of the planned addition of chiropractic care to military exchanges in February. According to the organization, it’s believed that this development could signal further positive changes in the future. The American Chiropractic Association is…