I have a notion about getting Fraxel one million and one times and changed my thoughts just as many. But it’s no longer due to the fact I don’t need instantly smoother, brighter, plumper skin (hi, would love that, thanks)—it is because lasers are hella off-placing and, from what I’ve heard, v painful.

Fraxel Laser Treatment: What to Know Before Booking the Appointment 1

I’m inclined to wager you’ve also heard many rumors about lasers, Fraxel specifically, and don’t know what to accept as true with. Is it secure? Does it absolutely paintings? Will it burn my face off? I’m mad after I spend $75 on a haircut and no one notices, so if I’m dropping some serious coins on laser treatment, I want to be 100 percent certain I’ll be getting a few compliments.

So, I reached out to New York-based cosmetic and clinical dermatologist Marnie Nussbaum, M.D., to clear things up for everybody skeptics. If you’ve tried each wrinkle cream or fading gel and want to find a faster and greater effective solution in your dark spots and great lines, right here’s the breakdown at the skin-resurfacing treatment humans can’t and might not stop speak me approximately.

Fraxel is a non-invasive, microscopic laser that penetrates your pores and skin to inspire new collagen and elastin growth. Translation: It smooths wrinkles and scars, fades brown spots, and essentially resurfaces your complete pores and skin tone. Unlike genuinely competitive lasers, Fraxel is a fractional skin resurfacing remedy; this means that its simplest goals a fraction (fraction, Fraxel—get it?) of the skin at a time.

What does Fraxel do?

The Fraxel Dual laser makes use of wavelengths (1550 and 1927, in case you want to get precise) to cope with one-of-a-kind skin worries at the face, neck, chest, palms, legs—pretty much everywhere, in line with Dr. Nussbaum. With the 1927 wavelength, you may raise discoloration (hyperpigmentation, age spots, solar harm, and pre-cancer spots), whilst the 1550 wavelength is designed to goal and ease your skin’s texture (high-quality strains, wrinkles, and acne scarring).

Is the Fraxel laser secure?

Though Dr. Nussbaum says the laser is safe for all skin tones, it may not be the best choice for everyone with melasma (a complex form of hyperpigmentation) when you consider that melasma can worsen beneath the effects of a Fraxel laser. For those patients, she recommends a fair, much less aggressive laser called Clear + Brilliant. Of direction, your dermatologist will permit you to realize whether or not or no longer your skin can deal with the laser, so truly agenda a session regardless.

How must you put together a Fraxel laser remedy?

Luckily, this remedy is pretty low-upkeep…At the least, beforehand (more on the aftermath later). Dr. Nussbaum tells her patients to prevent using any retinoids, peels, acids, or merchandise that could reason pores and skin sensitivity for a complete week earlier than your remedy. But on the day of, you could display up for your appointment however you want (in case you’re sporting make-up, they’ll wipe it off for you). Note: If you are inside the middle of a certainly excessive breakout, your dermatologist can also want to put off until your acne has calmed down, so allow the workplace to realize beforehand of time if you discover yourself in a zits showdown.

How lots does Fraxel value?

The value varies depending on your pores and skin condition, your insurance plan, and wherein you live; however, Dr. Nussbaum says most Fraxel costs around $1,500 per treatment for just the face and up to $2,000 you upload on the neck and chest.

How long does a Fraxel treatment take?

The laser remedy itself is highly brief—about 15 to 25 mins—however, you ought to assume to issue in as a minimum some other forty-five mins for the topical anesthesia (numbing cream) to kick in earlier than getting began.

Is the Fraxel laser painful?

Listen, lasers don’t exactly sense notable, however for the reason that you will be numbed up in advance, Dr. Nussbaum says you’ll possibly best experience a bit stinging. Of course, ache tolerance is subjective, and plenty of humans recollect Fraxel to be pretty severe and painful (some describe it as being stung through bees or feeling like your face is directly up burning), despite the numbing cream.


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