There are days when a wave of exhaustion overcomes you, and you find it difficult to be productive because of the aches and pains in your body. It is, of course, the best decision to consult a doctor, especially when these issues are recurring or seem to be symptoms of an underlying condition. When that is ruled out, however, what do you do?


A healthy amount of rest is important. In addition to good rest, several home remedies can help you recover from the fatigue caused by all the exercise or the number of chores you had to do for the day.

Remedies You Can Use at Home

Pain relief doesn’t have to come in intimidating forms. Here are easy ways to address your body aches.

Apply a topical pain relief solution

There is so much you can do! The essential oils you have at home come in handy during these particular times of distress. Some oils are best used to treat swelling, while others are more focused on pain relief.

Cannabidiol remedies tackle a variety of pains. For your essential oil of choice, it is best to have a roller-ball applicator that makes it easier to apply it on the skin. It also has a massaging effect that is also calming.

Pain relief patches and sprays are also great for those post-workout sore muscles that make it difficult to move. However, open wounds don’t cover them with pain relief patches unless explicitly directed to do so by a doctor.

A rule of thumb is when in doubt, ask your doctor first.

Use a cold or hot compress.

Different kinds of pains will require different kinds of solutions. This includes knowing when to use a cold or hot compress for your aching muscles.

Cold therapy is best used for inflammation and swelling. These usually occur if you hurt yourself after playing a sport or doing physical activity. Cold compresses can take the form of ice packs, coolant sprays, and the like, reduce swelling while also relieving pain.

On the other hand, a hot compress is best used for stiff or sore muscles. Heat relaxes tense muscles and can even heal damaged tissue. Heating pads and hot packs are great for spot treatments, but a hot bath also does a good job of soothing your worn body.

Do some simple stretches.

Sometimes, aching muscles are signaling that you may need to make a habit of stretching. Simple stretches help you get rid of joint pains that get in the way of daily activities.

Use resistance bands to get more out of your stretches. They will help you maximize your stretching time and even improve your flexibility. If you don’t have resistance bands, feel free to use home items such as the ties of your bathrobes, a scarf, or even a towel. Whichever is the most comfortable for you is fine!

Drink some tea

Sometimes, the solution isn’t applied on the outside. Your headaches, stomachaches, and joint pains can be addressed with a drinking session—of homemade tea, that is.

Peppermint tea popularly helps soothe upset stomachs caused by excessive gas. Yes, even store-bought peppermint tea bags accomplish this soothing effect. Next time you’re feeling bloated, steep some peppermint leaves in some hot water and have a sip.

Ginger tea is also a tasty and effective home remedy with soothing and anti-inflammatory properties. According to Healthline, a cup of lemon-ginger tea can even help pregnant women deal with morning sickness, although it is still best to consult a doctor for the best foods to consume during pregnancy.

Get enough sleep daily.

There are unfortunate times when the problem with our bodies is not that they are getting too much exercise. It is definitely possible that your body’s aches and pains can be traced back to poor sleeping habits.

A lack of sleep hampers the brain’s ability to be sensitive to pain. Thus, leaving you more vulnerable to it. Waking up with too little sleep then makes you a pretty good magnet for unpleasant situations.

The solution is to get enough sleep daily to ensure that your brain can perform its functions efficiently, protecting you from accidents and injuries you can get in a sleep-deprived state.

These are helpful remedies for the issues that your body experiences now and then. Still, prevention is better than cure. Take care of your mind and body and avoid those pesky aches and pains by eating healthy food, exercising safely, and resting well.


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