Mark and Rachel Coldham from High Wycombe have swapped military life to open a rub down center in their neighborhood vicinity.
The couple who met at the Royal Military Academy in Sandhurst, Camberley were collectively considering the fact that 2005 are actually taking a bounce to open their own department of The Massage Company.
The franchise is now open in Castle Street – High Wycombe, London offering first-time customers bargain deals for a 50-minute rubdown.
Both formerly in the Royal Artillery for the British Army, the couple invested roughly half one million pounds into the venture developing 30 new jobs within the vicinity.
The venue has 13 treatment rooms with therapists all gaining qualifications from The Massage Centre’s own intensive education program.
Mark has spent time in program management, labored at events consisting of the London Olympic Games – before making the choice to transport toward body wellbeing.
Mark said: “Having been in the navy where we genuinely did need to be fit, each Rachel and I are eager runners and fairly healthful eaters, with an overall enthusiasm for healthful residing”
“We have additionally each suffered from sporting accidents inside the beyond, so we recognize the first hand, the distinction that every day, excellent-nice massages can make – now not only for sporting injuries however to ease musculoskeletal issues and decrease stress and tension.”
The center offers a range of remedies such as Swedish, maternity, deep tissue, and sports massages.
It is open seven days a week, with past due beginning until 9 pm at some stage in the week.

1. You are continually right and need to get exactly what you need. Many massage consumers count on that you’re going to an expert massage therapist and therefore whatever they are saying goes. The antique adage that the purchaser is usually right additionally applies to the rub down remedy industry. Of course, you need to paintings with a “relied on expert”, but that doesn’t suggest that in case you assume you want greater recognition on a specific area or altered stress that you ought to now not acquire exactly that.
A “depended on professional” will pay attention to exactly what you need and follow the strategies that are going to help you reap that intention. When you exit to buy something which you have already determined to purchase you are not going to permit a salesperson to promote you on something special than what you had in mind (although this happens all too regularly in the market). The equal is actual in your massage therapy experience. If you are not sure what you need however have a selected complaint, your rubdown therapist ought to listen on your leader lawsuits and provide an answer that allows you obtain your preferred final results (greater in this later).
If you experience that the rubdown therapist you’re operating with isn’t paying attention to your desires, it’s miles perfectly alright a good way to give up the massage consultation. This may appear a bit harsh, however losing your money and time on ineffective remedies isn’t always an appropriate alternative.
2. What you have to assume from your rubdown therapy remedy. The massage therapy treatment ought to particularly satisfy your desired end result. You should expect that you’re going to paintings with a professional rubdown therapist that is going to listen to your issues and help you receive a message that is very fulfilling for you. From the instant, you came into time table your massage remedy you must have an experience that you’re going to paintings with a therapist this is going to treat you as a character and appreciate your man or woman wishes. It is appropriate to ask for the massage therapist’s credentials and experience.