High blood stress or high blood pressure is one of the maximum not unusual reasons for cardiovascular illnesses. However, many humans do now not realize that it is the main danger element for coronary heart disease and stroke, so Sagicor Life Inc. It is doing its component to ensure that its workers and customers are dwelling a more healthy life via selling and educating on high blood pressure.Sagicor encourages public to stay first-rate lifestyles on World Hypertension Day 1

Last Friday, May 17, to mark World Hypertension Day, Sagicor’s workforce and clients who visited the organization’s Collymore Rock vicinity have been invited to visit the Mobile Medical Unit to have loose blood stress assessments and to discover ways to manipulate their blood strain. Everyone who attended was also given a takeaway guide with essential high blood pressure information as well as tips on the way to reduce excessive blood stress.

Executive Vice President and General Manager for Barbados Operations, Edward Clarke, said: “While we might also offer fitness plans at Sagicor Life Inc. That complements public fitness insurance and employee blessings to provide more safety in opposition to illness or unique wishes, and it is also important to us that each our group of workers and our clients are well informed to protect themselves.”
According to the Pan-American Health Organisation (PAHO), more than one 1/3 of Barbadians between the age of 25 and 70 years suffer from hypertension. The situation is generally brought on by now not getting enough workout and consuming a dangerous weight-reduction plan. It can move ignored for a sizeable duration, and if now not recognized in time, high blood pressure can grow the threat of significant health troubles, including a stroke or a coronary heart assault. (PR)

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Patients with borderline value need to have their blood pressure monitored more frequently. They also need to assess end-organ damage to be aware of the significance of their hypertension.
It should, however, be emphasized that patients with borderline hypertension have a higher tendency to develop more sustained hypertension as they get older. They stand a modest risk of having heart-related diseases. Close monitoring of their blood pressure and lifestyles could be handy in this regard.


A single elevated blood pressure readings in the doctor’s office could be misleading because the elevation might only be temporary. Evidence over the years has shown that anxiety related to the stress of the examination and fear of the result often result in blood pressure elevation noticed in the doctor’s office only. In fact, it has been suggested that one out of every four persons thought to have mild hypertension actually may have normal blood pressure outside the physician’s office. This sort of elevated blood pressure noticed in the physician’s office is called ‘White Coat Hypertension. Suggesting that the white coat, symbolic of the physician, induces the patient’s anxiety and a passing increase in blood pressure. Accordingly, monitoring blood pressure at home, when in a more relaxed state of mind, can provide a more reliable estimate of the frequency and/or consistency of blood pressure changes.


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