As We Know It, in 1930, “Cancer of the Lung was a Rare Disease… in the ’70s a Drastic Change Occurred – Lung Cancer Had Become The Leading Cause Of Death From Cancer Among Males In The United States of America!” “Scientists Are Hopeful That Many Cancers Will Be Cured By ‘Chemo’ In The Future!” An uncontrolled growth and spread of body cells are often known as “Cancer.” Under a microscope, the black dotted cells known as nuclei are identified as cancer cells. This identity is defined compared to healthy living cells that are small (black dots) with a wall-like perimeter surrounding them. The large black-dotted nuclei have no such wall. These invading cells can occur in all kinds of animals and plant life alike.

Our focus in this submission is basically a closer look at cancer, and a-focus-on-humankind, and the genuine threat to our health and life.The cell division process gets out of hand during the cancerous invasion process when cellular modules are continually produced, vastly more than needed. Making matters worse, these unneeded cells continually produce more unneeded (or wanted for that matter) cell tissue. While these new “wild cells” continually divide, they are in the habit of forming larger and larger masses of new tissue… These are identified as tumors.


Not all tumors are harmful or life-threatening. Some of these “tumors” are benign. Albeit being of no use to the body, they could easily interfere with its normal activities. These type(s) of tumors are usually surrounded by a “skin-like” membrane, limiting its growth, preventing the invading cells from spreading into other regions of the body. The killer cells, called “malignant,” are not contained… They have no walls holding them in – keeping them from spreading into other areas or regions of the body. They invade all normal cellular tissue – they grow and spread rapidly, invading, dominating, and destroying all normal cellular tissue – these monsters are also tumors – THESE MONSTERS ARE CANCER!

Cancer can occur in any living cell. Since there are many types of “cell tissue” in existence, the human category alone has over one hundred different kinds of cell tissue… so there can be more than one kind of cancer cell(s). In short, “Cancer is not one disease but a large family of diseases!” The human body is made up of many different types of cellular tissue. Each of these is, in turn, made up of or contains many other different kinds of cell tissue. Many of these cells constantly divide, making it possible for the body to make more of itself, explaining why young humans grow, why the body repairs itself, and the replacing of worn-out tissue, etc.

The four major kinds of cancer are called:

“Carcinomas,” “Sarcomas,” “Leukemias,” and “Lymphomas.” Many types of skin cancer(s) can be typed as “Carcinomas” or cancer(s) of the skin. Identified with the skin-like linings of the lungs, the stomach, internal organs, glands, and/or the upper and lower intestines of humans and animals alike. The connective tissue(s) like bone, cartilage, and fat are attacked by cancer known as “Sarcoma.” This is the type of cancer that attacked my nine-year-old niece. Cancers involving bone marrow cells are “Leukemia.” “Lymphoma(s)” is identified as cancer that attacks the blood. Albeit both of these cancers attack blood cells; lymphoma is cancer that attacks the “Lymphatic System” (or Lymph Glands). The lymph is the fluid that fills the spaces between the body’s cells.

According to cancer research, more than ninety percent of cancers appear or occur in persons over forty. Due to the fact of people living longer, cancer has become a common disease. This conclusion is partly drawn because people were not living long lives, primarily past the age of thirty-five or forty. Chemicals are another factor that is partly to blame for the epidemic. Cigarette smoke being the primary principle in infections then and now. In the United States, cancer is a major culprit in death-dealing infections, second only to ‘Heart Disease. Current statistics show only a little over one-third of recorded cancer patients as being actual survivors. Many patients are treated with radiation in carefully administered measures of X-Rays, Radioactive Cobalt, Radioactive Isotopes, and/or Chemotherapy (Drug Treatment). These treatment types are intended to possibly cure the cancer patient of his or her affliction(s).

The purpose of research by a multitude of clinics and research institutions all over the world is to prevent new cases of cancer. The detection of the disease in its early stages allows for early defense, allowing for the implementation of new and improved treatment while finding new ways to prevent and/or cure this killer disease. The detection of cancer is paramount. The successful treatment of the disease is more than likely; before the spreading process has begun, it took effect once its presence has been announced.


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