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Health and fitness are a key part of our lives and essential to a long, happy existence. While this can naturally relate to things such as exercising regularly and looking after our diet, health is also a key sector in employment. The healthcare sector, after all, is one of the biggest employers and sees people working in a range of rewarding roles within it.

One role within healthcare that is always important and always in demand is nursing. While the job security, varied opportunities, and decent pay offered by nursing are attractive, this is not the main draw for many people. Most of those who enter this industry do so because they find it very fulfilling.

But why is this the case, and how can you get into nursing to experience its unique rewards?

How can you move into a personally rewarding nursing career? 

If you are looking for a career that delivers tremendous job satisfaction, then nursing could be for you – but how do you become a nurse?

As you might expect, the first step is gaining the relevant qualifications to work in the industry. The good news is that there are more ways than ever to achieve the academic credentials you need to work in nursing.

For example, the online nursing program options at Elmhurst University are specifically designed for non-nurses and people looking to move into this sector without any previous experience. These programs can be studied from home and have superb flexibility as online courses. In addition, Elmhurst University is one of the top universities in the country and offers its students integrated support. It also provides different online nursing programs, depending on whether you wish to work as a registered nurse or move into more advanced nursing leadership positions.

How do you find a job in nursing once you’re qualified? 

Once you have gained the right qualifications for the nursing role you plan to move into, it is a case of finding a job. A good tip here is to speak with your university/college before you graduate to get career advice regarding job hunting.

It is also good to head online and checks out the latest nursing vacancies at internet job sites. If you also make the most of online networking platforms such as LinkedIn to spot the latest job openings in nursing, you will be well on your way.

Another good option is utilizing your network of family and friends. If you know anyone who currently works in healthcare, for example, they may be able to let you know when a vacancy in nursing comes up at their clinic/hospital. It can also be worthwhile hitting up any contacts you made during your clinical placements while studying. If you have stayed in touch with anyone, then this can be a good source of job opportunities to apply for.

Why is a career in nursing worth all the effort? 

Just as finding out the best tips for men’s health is worthwhile for men looking to get fitter, anyone thinking of going into nursing will want to look at whether the effort into it is useful.

As the above shows, there is a certain amount of effort needed to work in nursing when it comes to studying for the qualifications required and then looking for work. Some people may wonder if this is a career path that pays back all this effort and time. The personal fulfillment that nursing delivers more than proves this and remains its biggest draw.

As we have already noted, this career path comes with many other benefits (such as decent salary levels and excellent job opportunities). Still, the sense of personal satisfaction that nursing brings makes an effort to break into it worthwhile.

What about this type of role makes it so fulfilling on a personal level, though?

It enables you to make a difference in society. 

People attracted to work in this sector normally want to make a difference in society and help improve the world. Nursing is the perfect setting for this because it sees you have a direct impact on your community and the lives of the people there. This could be anything from giving patients medical treatment to advising them on a diet or running workshops on how key exercise is to health.

It also enables you to have a positive, direct impact on society and to work in a job with real meaning. This ability to enjoy a career with tangible outcomes and one that makes a positive difference in the community is something that all nurses love. It also brings great personal satisfaction, as you can see the good things your work is achieving around you.

Ability to help others 

The type of people who move into nursing is usually kind and compassionate. Many nurses think about other people more than they do themselves! Nursing is the ideal career choice for this type of individual because it means you get to help people who need care every day you are on shift.

There is nothing like the emotional reward you get from caring for patients and coming to people’s rescue when they’re at a low ebb. It is also great to see patients recover due to the care you provide. It also feels great to show your compassionate side at work and use these softer skills to perform effectively in your role. This is hard to beat in many other careers and gives nursing a unique selling point regarding job satisfaction.

Opportunities for growth and learning 

One aspect of nursing that satisfies many people is its opportunities for continued personal and professional growth. This, after all, is a sector that changes fast, and there is always something new to learn. In addition, it is an industry that offers superb training options for continued professional growth and a range of academic courses to further your learning.

In terms of career growth, nursing also scores well. Once qualified as a registered nurse, you can see which pathway gives you the most enjoyment and progress in that direction moving forward. This can see you eventually working in a role that you truly love and feels very rewarding. If you enjoy helping children, for example, then moving into pediatrics is something that you would find extremely satisfying.

This ability to continually grow and progress your career in various ways makes nursing a very fulfilling sector.

Chance to work as part of a team 

While you might think of roles in nursing as being focused on the care you give to patients in isolation, the reality is that you will be part of a much larger team. This naturally includes other nursing colleagues you work with directly but also other staff in your department (such as physicians or administrators). When you add in colleagues from areas such as social work and mental health who might be involved with patient care, you can see how nursing means performing as part of a team.

Many people love being able to do this, and nursing is, therefore, a great career choice if you enjoy working in a team effectively. Working closely with a range of colleagues can feel very rewarding as you all combine to offer the best patient outcomes.

In addition, you will build close relationships with team members over time, which can feel very rewarding. When you add in the insights and knowledge you pick up from team members, it is easy to see why this aspect of nursing is so satisfying personally.

It feels like you’re making the most of your talents 

It takes a certain type of person to move into nursing and carve out a long, happy career. This comes down to nurses needing certain traits, such as patience and empathy. If you feel that you have these characteristics, then moving into this sector can feel great because you are making the most of them.

This is much better than working in another industry, where you might not have the chance to use your talents to perform to your best. Indeed, working in another sector might see you having to show traits you do not possess or do not enjoy using! On the other hand, nursing is ideal if you enjoy caring for people and making others happy. It also gives a great sense of personal fulfillment as you are not wasting your talents and can use them to their full effect.

How others view you helps 

While much of what makes nursing roles so personally fulfilling is how it makes you feel, the attitude of others in society toward nurses also comes into play. In simple terms, most people have a positive attitude toward people in this sector and recognize the hard work they put into looking after us all. In addition, many people (especially adults) will need medical treatment at some point in their lives and therefore have a personal affection for nurses.

All this means that people hold nurses in high regard and value what they do for work. This feels amazing for anyone who works in this kind of role and can bring fantastic personal satisfaction. Just knowing that everyone around you appreciates what you do and understands your role’s importance brings a buzz that is hard to beat.

Even challenging times can bring fulfillment to nursing 

Anyone who works in nursing knows that it is a role that can sometimes get hard times. This could be a patient you know well, dying or falling out with a team member. This is nothing to worry about though – all jobs have unique situations to battle through that you might find tricky.

When it comes to nursing, though, these challenges can help make it feel more fulfilling. This is because overcoming them and finding ways to make the best of tough times enables you to grow. In addition, you will feel good for being able to get through the occasional tough period and thrive in your career still.

It makes life feel complete. 

We have already mentioned that nursing can be very rewarding because it has real meaning and a direct impact on society. It can also feel very satisfying personally because it makes you feel like you are doing something with your life and not just wasting your time.

Nursing can help you feel more complete and fill your days/nights with something amazing to reflect on. This can be especially true if you do not work already and have nothing of substance to fill up your time with. In this instance, you can easily fall into a banality filled with TV, partying, or frivolity.

Which nursing roles can feel most fulfilling personally? 

The above points show how moving into nursing can feel amazing personally. But which roles within nursing are some of the most rewarding to consider?

One of the best is the starting point for many people moving into healthcare – registered nurses. This is a fulfilling job because it enables you to make a real difference in the lives of the patients you treat and the local community in general. It is also a busy, varied role, which means that every day is different, and you will never get bored.

Registered nurses also work as part of a team, and this is perfect if teamwork is something that you find enjoyable. It is an option worth exploring when you add in the affection that people have for registered nurses and the chance for career growth.

But what other roles are there to move into in nursing that brings great personal satisfaction? A school nurse is another good example and ideal if you enjoy caring for children. If this is the case, you will get a real buzz from working in this role and seeing the children you treat get better.

It is also a role that enables you to get directly involved with nurturing the next generation of adults and helping them fulfill their potential. This is also a great position if working outside a clinical setting makes you happiest and you enjoy working standard hours.

What can other nursing roles feel satisfying? 

In the same way that some people find it very satisfying to care for the young, others also love caring for the elderly. In this instance, moving into life as a gerontological nurse practitioner role is a great choice. This is not only an enjoyable role if you like caring for older people but also in high demand.

Many clinical settings are now seeing a rise in the number of elderly patients who need treatment due to the effects of our aging population. As a result, gerontological nurses are sought after to give the required specialized career; gerontological nurses enjoy a bright career outlook and the satisfaction of caring for older people.

One slightly different role that some nurses get a real kick from is a nurse educator. This involves training the next generation of nurses and passing on the latest knowledge. As you can imagine, this feels amazing, and helping others to thrive in nursing is very rewarding. You will also get a major buzz from seeing the nurses you have educated succeed in their careers due to what they have learned from you.

This type of role can see you work either on campus (teaching at a university, for example) or off campus (writing nursing textbooks, for instance). As such, it can be ideal for qualified nurses who feel happier personally working outside of a clinical setting. If teaching is something you love, this role is also great for making the most of your talents and enabling you to do what you are best at.

Nursing, in general, is a rewarding sector. 

Although we have looked at a few specific roles in personal fulfillment, the truth is that nursing, in general, is a sector that comes with great job satisfaction. The secret is to find the nursing role that gives you the most enjoyment and work toward this in your career.

This will see you end up in a position that not only makes the most of your talents but also brings tremendous rewards on a personal level. If you can do this, then working in nursing will enrich your life and make you feel fantastic.


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