Of all of the Bollywood stars, Kareena Kapoor Khan’s weight loss program is the maximum talked about, and we all want to recognize her health secrets and techniques. But, you would be amazed to understand that the awesome secrets behind Kareena’s toned parents are no fad diets, however simplest nutritious home-cooked meals!Kareena Kapoor Khan famous her normal food regimen, says she cannot do without rice and khichdi! 1

Interacting with fans in a live session conducted on social media with movie star nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar, the mom of one, dished out some weight loss plan secrets and techniques and quashed various myths, pronouncing that she can’t do without rice in her weight loss plan! The actress, 37, added that both she and her husband, Saif Ali Khan swear by way of rice and do not skip it! Just when you notion that rice becomes the only component you have to avoid to shed pounds, you’ve got two fit celebrities proving all of it incorrect. In truth, for Kareena, khichdi is her consolation meals which she loves to consume often. In reality, for lovers who requested her for weight loss hints, Kareena suggested them to accept as true with regionally sourced and produced domestic cooked.

One often discussed element is Kareena’s drastic transformation publish giving delivery to her infant boy, Taimur. The actor introduced that besides following a disciplined eating regimen, she exercised often and slept on time – and he or she stated that these three things made a big distinction to her waistline. She also said that it took her 365 days to get in shape; that’s absolutely normal. She additionally advocated humans to pay attention to their bodies and devour holistically:
“I additionally want different mothers to recognize this when I say, eat to help your body get nutrition from the inside and no longer shed pounds speedy. It must be holistic, not just weight reduction.”

Speaking about her notorious ‘length 0 diets’, Kareena brought that lower back whilst she turned into shooting for her movie. She best ate the nearby food there, which blanketed ingredients like momos and Chupka’s! Now you recognize the large secret! Kareena additionally harassed the significance of including nutrient-rich, seasonal food on your diet, which we actually agree with. Locally grown, organic and aware meals benefit your body in plenty more ways than you know and enable you to get the suit from the inner. She additionally gave a low down of her summer need-to-haves, including that she in no way misses out on the summer meals like mangoes (sure, Kareena loves ingesting them like you), dahi chawal, kokum liquids, or even nimbu plane, which keeps them hydrated and infused with essential proteins!

Kareena’s daily staples at the eating table encompass seasonal vegetables and bread produced from superfoods like nachni (ragi) and millets. Even whilst she is visiting, Kareena likes to stick to the fundamentals and eats dal-rice! Fad diets do no longer cut it for her! Crediting Rujuta Diwekar in helping her exchange her way of life for excellent, Kareena brought that ever when you consider that she has begun following a more holistic approach to her eating regimen, she has discovered a drastic difference in her body agility and power.

In the cease, Kareena delivered that there may be no trouble in following a wholesome, balanced weight loss plan, and it does now not ought to be uninteresting all the time. She recommended lovers to stick to the neighborhood produce and experience the distinction of their bodies.


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