True Leaf Medicine International Ltd introduced Wednesday that its subsidiary True Leaf Pet Inc is tapping acclaimed choreographer Laurieann Gibson and her beloved 12-yr-vintage Pomeranian Samson as emblem ambassadors.True Leaf Medicine taps big name choreographer Laurieann Gibson as emblem ambassador for True Leaf Pet 1
Born and raised in Toronto, Gibson is a globally reputable choreographer and innovative director, having choreographed song movies and stay performances for Alicia Keys, Beyoncé, Nicki Minaj, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, and many other musicians and performers. Her on-screen credits include “Making the Band,” “So You Think You Can Dance,” “Dance Moms,” and “Starmaker.”
In June, Gibson can be a decision on the 16th season of the hit display “So You Think You Can Dance” on Fox.
The hashish-for-pets wellness emblem stated Gibson will assist educate puppy dad and mom on the blessings of True Leaf’s hemp-based supplements for pets, which goal specific puppy fitness demanding situations and provide calming, hip and joint, and wholesome omega-three guide.
“Laurieann Gibson is the best ambassador to join our Return the Love motion,” said True Leaf Medicine CEO Darcy Bomford. “We are partnering with pet-loving influencers who’re inspired with the aid of our Return the Love message. … Our hope is that puppy parents will feel they may be returning that unique unconditional love they get hold of from their puppy each day after they deliver their canine one in every one of our products.”
As a dancer and choreographer for over many years acquainted with excessive bodily interest, long hours and journey, Gibson credit her energy and success to normal exercises and exact nutrients and expects the same for her furry exceptional buddy Samson.
“Samson and I are pleased to be the primary-ever emblem ambassadors for True Leaf Pet,” said Gibson. “As a dancer for most my existence, I’ve constantly targeted on correct nutrients and health and I need the identical for my Samson. He loves True Leaf’s hip and joint supplements, which help him keep up with me on our hikes and our trips to the seaside.”
Gibson said her canine had given her “a lot of love over time” that she desired to return the affection to him and “proportion the love with other dog mother and father.”
In addition to educating puppy dad and mom at the advantages of hemp for pets, Gibson and Samson will be touring animal shelters within the Los Angeles region to spread the Return the Love message and lift focus for puppy adoption.

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