Columbia Health System, the former Columbia Center Birth Hospital operator in Mequon, has set up a $three million endowment at the Greater Milwaukee Foundation to support girls’ health in Milwaukee and Ozaukee counties.

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The present will set up the $2.Seventy-five million Columbia Health System Endowment Fund for Women’s Health assists services related to preconception, family planning, adolescent health, maternal health, intellectual health, scientific screenings, home abuse, and research improvements in ladies’ fitness care transport. A separate fund, the Columbia Health System Endowment for The Family Enrichment Center of Ozaukee, Inc., turned into created with a preliminary $250,000 investment and could provide annual aid for the Grafton-based totally nonprofit. It keeps the Birth Hospital’s decade-long support of the Family Enrichment Center.

“This most generous endowment from Columbia Health System will no longer best assist the FEC with ongoing help; however, also establish an investment car with the Greater Milwaukee Foundation to help develop our imaginative and prescient,” said Jonah Turner, board chair of FEC. “We stay up for creating a more efficient, collaborative, and provider revel in for our organization companions, nearby community, and volunteers.” Both budgets might be administered with the aid of the Greater Milwaukee Foundation. Columbia Health System previously oversaw Columbia Center Birth Hospital, which ceased operations in 2018.

The Birth Hospital changed into created in 2001 to offer available sterilizations to sufferers, which had traditionally been furnished using Columbia Hospital. In 1995, St. Mary’s Hospital in Milwaukee joined with Columbia Hospital to establish Columbia St. Mary’s. The Birth Hospital moved from Columbia St. Mary’s former Newport Avenue campus to Columbia St. Mary’s Ozaukee Campus in 2007. When it closed in 2018, the sanatorium’s offerings transitioned to Ascension Wisconsin. “We desired to leave a legacy for Columbia Hospital and for the community we served in Ozaukee County,” said Candy Casey, former president, and chief executive officer of Columbia Health System. “We had $3 million to offer to our community and selected the Greater Milwaukee Foundation to establish two endowment funds to continue to make a effective impact for women and households.”

The Greater Milwaukee Foundation stated it’s going to launch a request for proposals helping healthful birth consequences in August. The Columbia Health System Endowment Fund for Women’s Health can be a key supply of funding. “The determination to the care of women and families that defined Columbia Health System at some point of its life in Milwaukee and Ozaukee Counties is now comfortable forever,” said Ellen Gilligan, president and chief government officer of Greater Milwaukee Foundation. “Not simplest is this present a superb tribute to the lots of babies born and the infinite families who received care over the years; the Foundation will make certain those new endowments assist programs that enhance community health a long way into the future.”

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