“In 2012, once I turned into living in Singapore, a smartphone name became my lifestyle the other way up.”
Abhinav Krishna, 31, remembers that the decision turned from his mother in India. She informed Abhinav that his father was scheduled to undergo an emergency coronary heart surgical procedure. He rushed lower back home. However, the nightmare was but to start.Meet OurHealthMate, a healthtech startup that desires to be the Amazon of the healthcare sector 1 As he was looking for a 2d opinion from a cardiac health care professional, Abhinav became eager to get a heart specialist from Singapore to corroborate the analysis and treatment line. However, there were many issues. Apart from the trouble of finding an efficient clinic with qualified docs, he needed to go through countless hours of waiting, lackadaisical admission tactics, and payment issues.
The gaps in India’s healthcare ecosystem — specifically for NRIs — led Abhinav to marvel at how he should innovate inside the area. A 12 months later, in 2013, he based OurHealthMate (OHM), which is established in San Francisco, with places of work in Bengaluru and Singapore.

OHM integrates fitness and wellness control answers on its platform and capabilities as a clinical appointment portal that allows 3-step appointment bookings online. The platform operates on a 3P version, connecting the payer (a person or company deciding to buy someone else), the patient, and the provider (health center, physician, or health train). The portal helps clients discover validated docs in India, explore services on provide, and know the expenses concerned. Designed to address particular troubles in growing international locations, the portal circumvents the shortage of internet gets entry to through a backup SMS machine. The company is focussing on Indian ex-pats living in the US, Canada, UK, UAE, Singapore, Australia, and so forth., and organizations that have a massive quantity of personnel in India.

“Users can evaluate expenses of two,50,000 scientific offerings supplied by way of greater than 30,000 medical doctors at the platform, earlier than determining to go to a clinic,” Abhinav says. After the appointment is finished, the user overseas can get comments from the doctor. OHM has also partnered with a US-primarily based coverage employer with revenues of $2 hundred billion (Abhinav refuses to proportion the call) for imposing fitness initiatives in Indian corporates.

Abhinav is a laptop engineer with a minor in technopreneurship from the National University of Singapore. Before taking off, he had labored in Citibank and Merrill Lynch. He was additionally the co-founding father of Singapore-registered software answers and consulting business enterprise Pinnacle Solutions and Consultants. The OHM crew includes Dr. Akash Kumar; first of all, the CTO has now moved on to an advisory role. At gift, 32-year-vintage Co-founder Ayush Bharti 32, an MBA from University of Virginia – Darden School of Business, is the CTO. Founding associate and CSO Siddharth Upadhyaya, 38, joined OHM after turning into inspired via their offerings. Siddharth, who bought his previous startup Hummingbird in Switzerland, began the corporate division, taking care of 5.7 lakh personnel today. The overall crew length is 60, with seventy-five percentage based in Bengaluru.

The B2B strategy

OHM focuses on a B2B2C strategy with models: one for corporates and some other for people.
For corporates, OHM offers general findings and aggregated data to the HR head. This facilitates the HR to take measures for the improvement of the basic well-being of the personnel. However, they never supply out non-public facts.
OHM makes use of information from the critical data distribution gadget of the business enterprise. If a corporate has been doing annual clinical checkups, then the startup collects those statistics and attempts to locate the problem. If the company isn’t doing health assessments, OHM brings them on board and makes everybody undergo a health screening to get statistics on which they could construct similar plans.


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